20 EU Startups to watch in 2023 according to EU Commission

The European startup ecosystem continues to thrive and expand. As we enter 2023, the future looks bright for European Union (EU) startups at the cutting edge of technology and innovation. According to the European Commission, these 20 startups are ones to keep an eye on in the coming year.

20 EU Startups to watch in 2023

Flink – This German startup is revolutionizing grocery delivery through its combination of intelligent logistics and a digital platform. Flink promises grocery delivery in just 10 minutes by optimizing inventory and fulfillment processes. With rapid expansion across Europe, this startup is definitely one to watch.

Anthropic – This AI safety startup based in London develops advanced conversational AI models using constitutional AI techniques. With $700 million in funding, Anthropic is quickly becoming a leader in safe and beneficial AI.

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Oda – Norway’s answer to a digital-first grocery experience, Oda is taking the country by storm with its mobile app-based personalized grocery delivery service. Using AI and analytics, Oda delivers significant customer savings on grocery essentials.


Wavewatt – Based in Portugal, Wavewatt has developed innovative wave energy technology that harvests renewable energy from ocean waves. This greentech startup provides a sustainable energy solution with wide applicability across coastal communities.


Prétear – This French agtech startup is using AI and robotics to revolutionize wine production. Its intelligent automation solutions optimize grape harvesting and winemaking processes.


urbanKisaan – This Belgian startup has engineered fully automated indoor hydroponic farms right in the heart of cities. Their farms use IoT, data analytics and aquaponics to grow fresh, pesticide-free produce year-round.


Brainround – This Polish startup has a mission to democratize access to expert knowledge using AI. Its platform connects users to specialists across industries to get quick 1:1 video consultations augmented by AI for optimal advice.


FaceHeart – Combining computer vision AI and emotional intelligence, FaceHeart from Sweden provides advanced facial recognition technology to improve accessibility, safety and diagnostics.


PARC Robotics – This UK startup builds autonomous mobile robots for last-mile deliveries and warehouse automation. As the demand for contactless delivery grows, PARC’s self-driving robots are ready to meet the need.


DrOmnibus – This German medtech startup built an AI platform that analyzes medical images to detect anomalies and diagnose conditions. Their tech assists doctors and improves patient outcomes.


Everimpact – Tackling the issue of carbon emissions, this French startup created an AI-powered platform to calculate, analyze, and offset enterprise carbon footprints down to individual projects.


LetzApp – This Belgian no-code startup allows anyone to build mobile or web apps without coding through simple drag-and-drop tools. Empowering citizen development makes this one to watch.


Aleph Alpha – One of Europe’s most well-funded AI startups, Austria-based Aleph Alpha offers an AI-as-a-service platform for text and speech comprehension. Their tech even beat world champion human players in multiplayer online games!


Safespear – This Irish cybersecurity startup is protecting healthcare organizations against emerging threats using AI-powered threat detection, analytics and response technology.


Moonbird – This Finnish startup aims to open up air mobility in cities through its fully electric, vertical take-off passenger aircraft designs enabled by advanced aerospace engineering.


wrnch.ai – This Canadian startup with an office in Prague provides a human motion capture platform using computer vision AI. Their tech has applications across gaming, VFX, fitness, and the metaverse.


Complific – From Croatia, this regtech startup is using ML and NLP to build AI writing assistants that help businesses generate compliant financial content and documentation.


MyriadX – This Swiss startup has engineered a compact microchip that enables decentralized DNA data storage. Their DNA data storage solution is ultra-secure, stable for centuries, with massive capacity.


Sun investment Group – With operations across the EU, this startup unleashes the full potential of solar energy through optimized solar panel selection, fintech solutions, and community engagement.


As these 20 EU Startups in 2023 continue to innovate, attract funding, and expand in 2023, it’s clear the future of European business is bright. The EU has cultivated an environment where technology entrepreneurs thrive, and these are just some of the startups leading the way. Consumers and investors alike should keep an eye out for these promising young companies on the rise.

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