Top Healthtech Startups in Europe

The following table showcases a curated list of promising AI healthtechs that are making waves in the industry. These startups have caught the attention of esteemed investors from renowned venture capital firms such as General Catalyst, LocalGlobe, Karista, Heal Capital, Balderton, Frontline Ventures, and Calm/Storm. Each of these investors has handpicked their top choices, highlighting the startups’ innovative approaches and the significant impact they are poised to make in the healthcare sector. From revolutionizing drug discovery pipelines and enhancing cancer screening to streamlining administrative tasks and improving patient care, these AI healthtechs are tackling various challenges and driving transformative solutions. The table provides an overview of these startups, along with a brief description of their importance and the potential they hold in shaping the future of healthcare.

Top Healthtech Startups in Europe

Startup Importance
Scarlet (UK) Enables continuous compliance for medical software products, allowing faster updates and better patient care
Corti (Denmark) AI-powered tool to assist clinicians during patient interactions and reduce administrative burden
Cradle (Netherlands) Accelerates protein engineering and drug discovery through generative AI models
Gabi SmartCare (Belgium) Remote monitoring platform for pediatric patients, enabling home recovery and improving diagnosis/treatment
WeOmics (Italy) Data platform for gut health, combining large database with AI analysis for insights and research
Aignostics (Germany) AI analysis of tissue samples to identify promising drugs and suitable patients for clinical trials
CogStack (UK) Natural language processing and generative AI for analyzing clinical data and medical coding
Newton’s Tree (UK) Platform for easier and safer deployment of AI solutions in clinical settings
Sycai Medical (Spain) AI-powered screening for cancers of the upper abdomen using MRI and CT scans, enabling early diagnosis (UK) Using LLMs to reduce administrative burden for mental health professionals, improving access and wait times
Phare Health (UK) AI products for hospital back office tasks like medical coding, improving efficiency and financial sustainability
Fraiya (UK) Applying AI to ultrasound scans to improve detection of abnormalities and reduce scan time
Causaly (UK) Generative AI platform for preclinical drug discovery, helping scientists conduct research more efficiently
Nabla (France) AI note-taking tool for doctors, streamlining administrative tasks like prescriptions and insurance forms
Tucuvi (Spain) Automates post-treatment calls with patients, saving clinician time and improving data management
Kheiron Medical Technologies (UK) AI analysis of radiological imagery to detect cancer, improving detection and addressing radiologist shortage
Health Force AI (Austria) AI agents for automating daily administrative tasks at hospitals, saving time for nurses and administrators (UK) Generative AI for note-taking, billing paperwork, and diagnostic support for clinicians
Curieo AI (Netherlands) AI applications tailored for scientific discovery and research workflows in life sciences and healthcare

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